The Mission

Founded in 2003, the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) is a

national nonprofit trade organization dedicated to promoting sustainable

homeownership opportunities in Asian American communities by creating a

powerful national voice for the housing and real estate professionals that serve

this dynamic market.


AREAA will accomplish this mission by:

• Advocating for policy positions at the national level that will reduce

homeownership barriers facing the Asian American community.

• Increasing business opportunities for mortgage and real estate

professionals that serve this growing community.


Who We Are

AREAA’s membership represents a broad array of real estate, mortgage and

housing-related professionals that serve the diverse Asian American market.

With members that serve nearly all segments of the Asian American

population, AREAA is the only trade association dedicated to representing the

interests of the Asian real estate market nationwide. Currently, the association

serves 12,000 members in 38 states with 19 affiliate chapters.

AREAA serves its members by offering the

following benefits and opportunities:

• One of the biggest immediate benefits that our AREAA member can

get is access to PROXIO -- which is a global MLS platform. That

allows agents to post their listing to this MLS-like platform that can

translate their languages to 22 different languages in the world and is

shared with other agents in the world.

• Newsletters updating members about the latest news to affect the

Asian American homeowner community

• The largest national real estate conventions focused primarily on the

real estate practitioner who serves the Asian American Community

• Education events for practitioners and homebuyers

• Networking opportunities with industry leaders and policymakers

dedicated to serving minority and underserved communities

• Inclusion in the online Membership Directory and Default Services

Directory, linking members to asset management firms

• a | r | e magazine, the nation’s premier publication highlighting news

and leaders making an impact in the Asian American real estate


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